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Catch report

2018 will see a new regime in publicising catch reports.  Photos of the catch report book, film and fish photos will be published acccording to availability…

The catch reports are based on facts and figures and are for information only. The reports are sometimes incomplete due to anglers not registering their catches. When reading them please bear in mind weather conditions and quality of angling. Natural food sources and angling pressure are also a part of the equasion.

There has been a variety of angling standards from the visitors to the lake, ranging from total beginners to very knowledgable competent anglers. This must be considered when looking at the catch reports, some anglers will adapt well to the angling situation at hand, some will have a good go but may not suceed, others will be on auto – pilot and will not get the best from their trip.

Sometimes there are more upto date reports on facebook so do not hesitate to send a friend request… see the first page of the website for a direct link then click on “christophe” top horizontal bar menu.

None of our venues are aimed at beginners so take note if you are thinking of coming over. If you are an experienced Carp fisherman in England but have never fished in France you will be fine at the lakes. Feature finding and observation are normally the key in the better catches. There are 4 boats and 1 echo sounder for hire at Juvigny. When arriving at a water you have never fished before, for a limited period of time, it makes sense to have as much information as quickly as possible regarding the lake bed.

When coming abroad to fish things are not always the same as in the UK, the banks are not always grass lawns, and the fish are not the same as the last venue fished. They have different feeding habits and different natural foods available to them. A new venue means you will have to do some serious investigation to get on the hotspots. Minor adjustments may need to be made in order to be as successful as possible.

There are 2 bait boats for hire at the lakes and these should be pre-booked to ensure availability, they are popular and if you want this facility its best to reserve one when you make your intial booking. Fishing with a bait boat ensures pin point accuracy when fishing to features and also eliminates any chance of a tangle. Your presentation will be at its best every time and your bait application, spot on! The use of a bait boat should increase your rate of success by putting more fish on the bank and give you the piece of mind that your presentation is as good as possible. There is a maximum of two people fishing in the same swim or the swim next door that can use the bait boat if it is hired. 120 euros weekly charge.

Bait boat hire

2018 approximate stocking levels are detailed below:

Juvigny; over 300 carp 20lbs to 74lbs+, including; 2 x 70’s, 6 x 60’s, 20 x 50’s, 40 x 40’s. There are also cats to around 100lbs.

Vraux; over 100 carp 20lbs to 60bs+, including; 1 x 60, 2 x 50’s, 10 x 40’s, 30 x 30’s and numerous twenties.

Tarnaud; over 200 carp, including 18lbs – 54lbs+, including; 2 x 50’s, 6 x 40’s, 60 x 30’s.