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Juvigny lake - Rules

Very simple:

  • 15 lbs minimum line strength (nothing less will be accepted), 20lb recommended!
  • 3 rod limit (+ float rod if required).
  • 4 rods are permitted with authorisation, when the lake in not busy.
  • Respect other anglers with regard to noise, water space and any other aspects which could interfere with the well being of others.
  • All anglers must be properly equipped to deal with the landing and weighing of carp to over 70lbs. Please note if your unhooking mat and weigh sling are not suitable you will be asked to purchase one on site at a reasonable cost. Scales need to read 70lbs+. Do not bring anything less, they can break leaving the fish falling to the ground. Do not bring Avon scales, they are not suitable!
  • All particles must be purchased on site (excluding pellets).
  • Use of the rowing boat is only permitted when wearing a life jacket during hours of daylight. You should be considerate to others fishing and not go out in the boat until at least 10am.
  • No litter, leave your swim as you would like to find it. Any mess found in your swim is your responsibilty! Anybody found leaving excrement around the lake will be asked to leave!
  • No swimming.
  • No pets without authorization.
  • Anglers must have antiseptic to treat captured fish .
  • All rigs must be safe, leads easily shed from mainline if there is a breakage.
  • No sacking
  • No leaving carp in retaining slings for over 1hr
  • Always close the gate behind you when leaving or entering the site, Saturdays excluded.
  • No permanent markers of any description must be left in the lake whilst fishing
  • When landing and unhooking fish you should adhere to the fish care guidelines, click here to view.


  • Toilet & Shower
  • Charging facilities
  • Fresh Bait
  • Fresh water 20litres per person per week
  • Bait boat hire
  • Shop 2 mins. away
  • Fridge hire
  • Rowing boat hire
  • Anglers shelters