If you want big carp and great venues...

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Vraux lake

A scenic 2 acre gravel pit, 45 years old, set in woodland in the French countryside with some stunning looking fish. There are 4 swims and a 6 rod limit for the whole lake, although it is clrearly evident more fish are caught when anglers use 4 rods. There is vehicle access to all swims and you can literally fish out the back of your car! No need to worry about carrying your equipment and your vehicle can be parked in your swim for ease of access.

The lake is situated an easy 3 hour drive away from Calais and is located a convenient 10 minute drive in a quiet rural area from the nearest motorway junction.

There is a good head of fish from 20lbs to 60bs+, including; 1 x 60, 2 x 50’s, 10 x 40’s, 30 x 30’s and numerous twenties. The current stock level in 2018 is over 100 fish and each year more fish are stocked to maintain a healthy range of specimens.


  • Toilet and shower
  • Fresh Bait
  • Telephone charging facilities
  • Fridge hire
  • Anglers shelters at each end of the lake
  • Fresh water 20litres per person per week

Videos of the lake

Published on 05 14, 2014
Vraux Tribute


Photo of the lake

photo of Vraux lake

The lake
double swim