If you want big carp and great venues...

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Vraux lake - Tips

Fish Location

The lakes margins are the main feeding areas for the carp, although open water spots do produce so its always worth having at least one rod in mid water. As with all small venues the fish are line shy so I would recommend fishing slack and with a flying backlead. The fish do show and will normally give away their location before too long, but make sure you are watching !

Marking your spots

A marker rod set up is important to find and mark your features. Ensure you have something to mark your line in order to put the bait back to your chosen spot. I recommend that you use 4 rods maximum on the lake, all the best captures have come to 4 rods rather than 6. The best technique is to prebait spots for at least 48hrs before you fish them. You can rotate quiet rods onto primed areas for best results.

Bait Application

For a standard week at the lake, as a starters I would recommend the following bait per person:

  • 5kg boilies, ones you are confident in, of good quality. MARNE VALLEY MATRIX is a winner and could be a valuable key to your success.
  • 10kg pellets, we sell a mixture of high quality protein and fishmeal, with a low oil content, available as a mixture of 15, 9, 4mm. The fish are fed these all year round for the last 6 years, I have had people put 25kg in for a week session when the fish are having it. Its an established food source and one they cannot resist.
  • 5kg particle, we sell a premixed bucket of hemp, maize, sunflower seeds, wheat, peanuts and tigernuts, all elements of this mix have caught fish. Also available is hemp.
    To start with I would tend to vary the quantity of bait  applied per rod. If you are going to introduce a large bed of bait then be prepared to sit on it for at least 2 days before action occurs.


Choice of tackle is a personal thing and experience will tell you what is needed to fish efficiently as possible. The following list highlights some of the main elements required:

  • BAIT BOATS – ensure you order in advance to ensure availability, they are popular
  • MARKER ROD – braid can be used when feature finding and marking spots but ensure it is min. 20lb BS.
  • MAIN LINE – min 15lb test, I would recommend 18 – 20lb,  make sure its tried and tested and you have respooled with new line, nothing worse than loosing a potential monster due to defective line.
  • ALARMS – bring spare batteries and buy a sounder box if you are a heavy sleeper, sleeping through runs will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • SCALES – 120LB Specimen Hunter Ruben Heatons, they will not let you down like some of the well known brands of digital scales.
  • MATT – make sure it’s BIG! And well padded!
  • WEIGH SLING – once again big with rigid supports and no plastic fixtures, they break! It needs to be strong!



  • Toilet and shower
  • Fresh Bait
  • Telephone charging facilities
  • Fridge hire
  • Anglers shelters at each end of the lake
  • Fresh water 20litres per person per week