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✓ 12 acre gravel pit
✓ 10 swims, 4 double
✓ 8 anglers
✓ Exclusive and single bookings
✓ 300 carp to 70lb

Carp fishing in France at Juvigny Lake Juvigny Anglers Juvigny Swims Juvigny Carp


✓ 4 acre gravel pit
✓ 2 double swims
✓ 2-4 anglers
✓ Exclusive Bookings Only
✓ 200 carp to 50lb

Tarnaud Lake Tarnaud Anglers Tarnaud Swims Tarnaud Carp


✓ 2 acre gravel pit
✓ 3 single & 1 double swims
✓ 2 anglers
✓ 100 carp to 55lb

Vraux Lake Vraux Anglers Vraux Swims Vraux Carp


✓ 10 acre gravel pit
✓ 3 double swims
✓ 6 anglers
✓ Lake exclusive booking
✓ 200 carp to 60lb

Goulat Lake Goulat Anglers Goulat Swims Goulat Carp

Carp Fishing in France at Marne Valley Carping

Carp fishing in France at our are family run lakes, we pride ourselves on giving you the opportunity to fish for some of the most beautiful carp in France. All our venues are weed free and have no menace species to give you more chance of landing your dream carp.

Juvigny Availability
Next available holiday...
Sat 29th Oct '22
4 spaces available
Per week
per angler
Tarnaud Availability
Next available holiday...
Sat 22nd Oct '22
4 spaces available
Per week
2 anglers exclusive
Vraux Availability
Next available holiday...
Sat 13th Aug '22
2 spaces available
Per week
2 anglers exclusive
Goulat Availability
Next available holiday...
Fri 19th Aug '22
6 spaces available
Per week
6 anglers exclusive

Carp fishing in France at our French Lakes

The venues are not for the novice and are the perfect choice for those in search of big fish with good facilities and the personal touch at hand. Juvigny is producing fish to 70lbs, Vraux and Tarnaud are now producing numerous fish over 50lbs and Goulat having fish to 60lb. Juvigny can be booked for up to 8 anglers or exclusively, Vraux is an exclusive venue for 2 anglers and Tarnaud is an exclusive venue for 2 – 4 anglers, catering more for those in search of action and Goulat is exclusive bookings only from 1 to 6 anglers.
Bait Service
Boilies, Pellet & Particles waiting for you when you arrive.

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Hire Service
We have bait boats, rowing boats, gas fridge’s all available to hire.

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Pay & book online to split the cost of your holiday over 4 equal payments.

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Big French Carp at our lakes

Our 4 lakes all have a range of size and quantity but are lake have a healthy current stock level. Juvigny has a superb with a head of fish from 20lb to 70lb+ with around 50 forties, 20 fifties, 6 sixties, 2 seventies and numerous twenties and thirties. There are also cats to around 100lb. The current stock level is over 300 fish and each year more fish are stocked to maintain a competitive and healthy range of specimens.

Tarnaud boasts 200 carp to low fifties. Current stock levels include; 2 x 50’s, 6 x 40’s, 60 x 30’s.

Vraux has a good head of fish from 20lbs to 55bs+, including; 2 x 50’s, 10 x 40’s, 30 x 30’s and numerous twenties. The current stock level is over 100 fish!

Finally, Goulat has at least 200 carp averaging around 30lbs, including 15 x 40’s, 5 x 50’s to possibly sixty pounds!


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