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Holiday FAQ's

It's really easy to make a holiday booking at any of our lakes.

How far are the lakes from Calais?
3hr easy drive… mostly motorway.
Can Juvigny be booked exclusively?
Yes, for up to 8 anglers, simply select 8 anglers on the booking form even if you are only 4 anglers
Is Vraux and Tarnaud exclusive only?
Yes, there are never mixed groups at these venues.
Do we need to prebook rowing boats and fridges?
No, these facilities are found on all lakes and can be reserved on your arrival.
Can we bring our own rowing boats and bait boats?
Yes, if you use a rowing boat you MUST use a life jacket at all times.
Do we need to prebook a bait boat?
Yes, these are popular so you need to reserve in advance. This can be done in your customer area online.
What is the latest we can order bait?
If you want bait for your arrival, order 2 weeks in advance. This can be done in your customer area online. If not all orders are normally delivered to your swim the next day when you are at the lake.
Can we bring our own bait?
Imported boilies and pellet are allowed on site. All professionally prepared particle is permitted. No particle prepared at home or by the lakeside is allowed under any circumstances.
Are there freezer facilities on site?
None, on any of the lakes.
Are there charging facilities?
Yes, solar charging facilities on all venues. This facility is only for charging small electrical battery operated appliances like head torches, bivvy lights, mobiles etc. It is not suitable for bait boat batteries, car batteries or power packs.
Are there toilet and shower facilities on all venues?
Is there fishing in the winter?
Yes, winter season runs from mid November to the end of March at reduced rates. Check the availability online to see the offers.