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Over the last few years it has really become noticable that bait application has a big impact on the fish, their behaviour and how the lake fishes.

An ever increasing input from the angler gives the fish lots of choice and different nutrition but there is a different angle to consider. Too much bait eventually leads to the fish picking and choosing when and where they feed, and they will obviously avoid the areas where there is the slightest sign of danger, a line, rig or even a fresh bed of bait can be enough to send the fish elsewhere to feast on safer offerings. An accumulation of heavy baiting can be very detrimental to both the fish and the fishing, leaving anglers scratching their heads wondering why they are not getting any action! Its simple, the fish sometimes have too much choice and have eaten too much bait. If you are the unfortunate angler that happens to drop on after someone has thrown in 20kg or so in your swim then it speaks for itself, you will probably struggle.

All our bait ranges are sourced from the best suppliers, we do not buy cheap inferior products in order to give you the best chance of success and to provide good nutritional value to our prime concern, the Carp.

*NEW* Bait Packs

Make life easier and more economic with your baiting campaign and order trusted, established ingredients that will boost your chances of success! We now sell a standard and deluxe bait pack, both consist of proven ingredients that consistently catch carp at the lakes and the particles are freshly prepared to order! Both packs consist of particles, pellet and boilies in 5kg quantities, and top ups are available throughout your stay!
The deluxe pack offers pop up hookbaits and liquid attractants that will give you even more of an edge.

Sold in 15kg packs.
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We only use tried and tested baits which work at the lakes and on the river. Marne Valley Boilies are sized and hardened accordingly to ensure durability and nutritional value, you are strongly recommended to be using it in order to maximise your chance of success.

Sold in 5kg bags and is air dried without chemical preservation.
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All our particles are prepared the day before you arrive so you are always assured freshness. If you need more bait during your stay it will be with you next day at the latest. Our particle mix is constantly varied to stop it blowing and consists of several different grains.

Sold in buckets minimum 5kg.
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Our pellet is sourced in France and is used for rearing fish, they are designed for all year round efficiency with a balanced nutritional profile. The fish have been fed on this for the last 14 years, 12 months a year and consist of 3 to 4 varying sized pellets.

Sold in 5kg bags.
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Liquids Attractants & Feed Enticers

Liquid attractants massively improved the chances of catching Carp. Water-soluble liquid foods like CSL, Molasses, and Minamino were added directly into our boilie mixes or used to soak baits which then leaked a powerful food signal into the baited area. These liquids have been at the core of our bait production for many years and are all exceptional fish attracters in their own right and will give a real edge to the modern day angler. PVA Friendly and versatile, these liquids are perfect for boosting boilies, pellets, particles, sticks and groundbaits, and brilliant for customising and glugging hookbaits.

Sold in bottles.
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