Marne Valley Carping | Tarnaud Lake Rules
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Lake Rules : Tarnaud

Please read the following rules and fish care guidelines for Tarnaud that will help keep you and the fish safe and make your holiday more enjoyable.

- 15 lbs minimum line strength (nothing less will be accepted), 20lb recommended!
- 3 rod limit (+ float rod if required).
- 2 landing nets are per angler are strongly advised
- Respect other anglers with regard to noise, water space and any other aspects which could interfere with the well being of others.
- All anglers must be properly equipped to deal with the landing and weighing of carp to over 70lb. Please note if your unhooking mat and weigh sling are not suitable you will be instructed where to purchase one before you start fishing.
- Scales need to read 120lb+. Do not bring anything less, they can break leaving the fish falling to the ground.
- All particles must be purchased from Marne Valley (excluding pellets).
- Use of the rowing boat is only permitted when wearing a life jacket during hours of daylight. You should be considerate to others fishing and not go out in the boat until at least 10am.
- No litter, leave your swim as you would like to find it. Any mess found in your swim is your responsibility!
- Anybody found leaving excrement around the lake will be asked to leave!
- No swimming.
- No pets without authorisation.
- Anglers must have antiseptic to treat captured fish .
- All rigs must be safe, leads easily shed from mainline if there is a breakage.
- No sacking of carp.
- No leaving carp in retaining slings unless completely necessary, and never more than 1hr.
- Always close the gate behind you when leaving or entering the site, Saturdays excluded.
- No permanent markers of any description must be left in the lake whilst fishing.

Fish Care Guidelines
The following techniques and methods should be used whenever you are carp fishing!!!! Carp (especially the big ones) are very delicate when out of their natural environment and need to be treated confidently and with great care.

1. Always have mat, sling, scales, forceps, fish antiseptic, camera etc. in place before you start fishing. This equipment should all be suitable for fish to 70lb+ ensuring the fish has adequate space to move whilst on the mat and is not in a banana shape when in the sling. Sling supports should be metal or cord not plastic!

2. Make sure mat, slings and anything else the fish comes into contact with is wet before placing the fish on it. Dry materials remove the fishes protective slime. All equipment should be dipped on site before you start fishing if it is damp from your last session.

3. Once the fish has been netted and is still in the water, ensure all the above points have been dealt with. If you have forgotten something then stake the landing net in position with a bank stick where the spreader block is, get yourself in order and always collapse the net ensuring all fins are tucked in place.

4. If there is any kind of tangle or the fish has kited around other lines, then cut the lines. Do not attempt to untangle line whilst the fish is in the net or on the bank. This can be done easier and more effectively once the fish has been returned to the water. The first couple of rod lengths of line can then be checked carefully for defects.

5. Always breakdown your landing net and roll it down to the fish ensuring all fins are tucked in, whilst still in the water place the net into your sling and lift the sling out of the water and place onto your unhooking mat.

6. Once the fish is on the mat, cover its eyes with the sling or a wet cloth if it is showing signs of distress. Never leave it unattended on the bank! Apply fish care liquid to all hook holds, inspect the fish carefully on both sides and treat any other areas that need attention.

7. When photographing fish never stand up with them. You should be kneeling or squatting and the fish should never be above chin level. If you feel it's going to move, hug it whilst carefully lowering it to the mat. There is no excuse for dropping fish even when kneeling or squatting. If they are too lively, put them back or get into the water.

8. When returning the fish never carry it without a sling or unhooking mat. These should be properly secured at both ends to ensure the fish does not slide out. If the fish is too big to carry and could potentially fall, then it should be lifted by 2 people with a hand on each corner of the unhooking mat.

9. Always return the fish in deep enough water and wait for it to revive before releasing, hold it firmly by the wrist and wait for it to kick before letting go. Never slide the fish directly from the sling or matt into the water. Do not sack the fish under any circumstances.

10. Flotation slings are permitted for carp retention for a maximum of 1hr.

11. If you you have a large carp in the net , get help before its on the bank! A carp should never be out of the water for more than 3 minutes under any circumstances!