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Hire Items

We offer a range of items that you can hire for your holiday duration. Once you have booked your holiday these can be reserved in your 'customer login area' and paid on arrival. Items are hired on a weekly basis from Saturday – Friday.

Rowing Boat

Our rowing boats are available on Juvigny and Tarnaud lakes are can be use for feature finding and baiting up. Use a prodding stick to feel the lake bottom to find the perfect spot to catch from and then accurately introduce your particle and pellets over your rig. Life jackets are supplied and MUST be warn att all time in the boat. Rowing boats can not be used after 10pm and in the hours of darkness for safety reasons.

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Bait Boat equipped with Tolson echo sounder / fish finder

Fishing with a bait boat ensures pin point accuracy when fishing to features and also eliminates any chance of a tangle. Your presentation will be at its best every time and your bait application, spot on! It will also keep disturbance to a minimum. The use of a bait boat should increase your rate of success by putting more fish on the bank and gives you the piece of mind that your presentation is at its best and is equipped with an echo sounder to make life alot easier!

The boats are French made and very reliable. They are simple and effective to use and there are spare batteries and top ups included in the price, so you should always have a full battery on the bank waiting to be used once the current one has lost its charge.

There is a maximum of two people that can use the bait boat if it is hired and they must be situated in the same or neighbouring swim. 150€ and a credit card deposit is required. The boats should be cleaned on return.

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Gas Fridge

This is a must for summer fishing for drive and survive carping.

Our fridges have generous 40 litre capacity for keeping all your drinks and food ice cold and fresh and at your finger tips all week on your swim!

The fridges get cold enough to form ice on your beers so a must for celebrating your PB!

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